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  • Jessica Avery: Marketing and Communications Manager

Connected Car Keeps Your Family Safe on the Road

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

You may know how can protect your home or business, but they have now expanded to protect what is quite often your second most expensive purchase, your vehicle. has moved its technology beyond home security with Connected Car. By using Connected Car, customers can able to view their home security and vehicle security in one easy-to-navigate application. Connected Car is easy to install with an easy self-install, with a plug in and set up in your new or current account. Connected Car supports up to 5 vehicles with ease, with a fleet option of up to 20 vehicles coming soon! Some key features of Connected Car are vehicle location tracking, driving behaviour (hard braking / acceleration, and excessive speeding), unexpected movement notifications, and diagnostic information (low battery, fuel levels, check engine light on). All of these key features are wrapped up in one easy-to-use application. Connected Car is an excellent option for parents with new and young drivers in their house, allowing parents to see driving habits and coach younger drivers to ensure they are being as safe as possible. Connected Car is also able to track any potential theft with the unexpected movement notification, and will continue to track with an internal battery if the device is unplugged. Connected Car also utilizes a cellular network meaning that as long as it has a connection you can access vehicle information at any given time from a device connected to cellular or Wi-Fi. Connected car also integrates well with other products and services making it easy to access all of your home and vehicle security in one easy space.

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