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Projects To Resolve Your

Security Concerns

Alliance Security Team has worked with several clients over the last seven decades to provide them with superior security solutions. We focus on innovation as a tool to offer our clients solutions that can cater to their individual concerns. Each location is unique and comes with its own set of vulnerabilities and potential threats. Our team works with you to understand your location and needs and then customize security solutions to best fit your requirements. There are 5 projects that we want to highlight, but we will not be including client names or the company.

Perimeter control Fence

Perimeter Control

We implemented a perimeter control security solution with a large-scale agricultural company. To protect their crops and infrastructure, we have added an extra layer of security. This included fence motion detection, geofencing, and more.


From tracking customer flow to accessing what is happening in your home or business without needing to be there, our CCTV options can integrate into a comprehensive security solution. You can add video analytics, remote access, and cloud storage of your video footage. Whether hard-wired or WIFI, our camera options are secure and available at nearly every price point.

Man checking cctv cameras
Lady on phone helping with Elevator Monitoring

Elevator Monitoring

Our Elevator Monitoring is done by the Answering Service - generally the woman in the photo.

This system helps keep you safe in the elevators by providing an emergency button that can send for the police, firefighters, or ambulance when pressed. We can answer any entrapment calls, service and test calls and ensure that your occupants, team members or visitors remain safe and calm.

Access Control

We have worked with various institutional, commercial, and industrial companies to create a custom access control system for them. Whether hosted internally by our clients or by us using cloud-based software, access control maintains when your team can enter or exit, creates a built-in contact tracing database of your team members, and limits traffic to high-security areas.

We also have utilized facial scanning technology to ensure a touchless, secure system minimizing contact points within your building or office.

A women checking Phone for alarm
Home Automation

Home Automation

We have custom-built solutions from new builds to heritage homes, merging intrusion and automation into an all-in-one system. You can add any extras as we develop your solution, ranging from flood sensors, thermostats, lights, plugs, and so much more. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we can help create a bespoke system for you.

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