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Medical Alert Systems

In Eastern Ontario

Living alone allows you the freedom to be yourself and live on your terms. At Alliance Security Team, our goal is to keep you living independently as long as possible. We understand the responsibility that comes with leading your life alone. Our security system helps you notify your family for help in case of an injury or emergency.

With a variety of medical alert systems available in Ottawa, we will provide you with the assistance you require. Our systems are designed to be convenient and user-friendly. We offer you smart systems that let you alert the authorities with just a click. These systems are also designed to alert your emergency contact in case you have fallen and injured yourself. For children concerned about the safety of their old parents living alone, these alert systems can prove to be a blessing. We offer you a solution that balances your independence and personal safety. Our security systems are designed with better location accuracy, LTE support, and improved crystal clear audio communication. For any more details about our products, please give us a call

Features of our medical alert systems:

2-Way Voice
Works On ITE Network
24/7 Monitoring
No-Term Contract
Fall Detection
Panic Button
Can Be Worn On The Hip Or As A Pendant
Useful For Someone Out And About


Connects to the phone line
Pendant with fall detection or wrist strap panic button
24/7 alarm monitoring
Box communicator has a 2-way voice and pendants work within 100 m of the unit, ideal for an apartment or small house

Wellness Cam

Can be installed basically as a “camera” in a second location
Does not need to be wired to an SVR or anything
Can put it in your parents’ house and just drop in via 2-way voice and camera lense


Can be used for hiking, solo campers, or lone workers
Works anywhere with an LTE connection and GPS signal
An icon with 3 rings

We’ve Got Your Back

From helping you take care of your parents to monitoring your home when away, we have the right security solutions for you.

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